Create, share and access transcriptions of historical manuscripts

Shown documents: Staatsarchiv Basel-Stadt, Reference Numbers: StABS Spital F5, StABS PA 572a A I, StABS Spital Urk. 403

Have you created transcriptions and want to share them? You are looking for already transcribed material? Welcome!

According to the motto «from the community for the community», we have created a space for sharing, viewing, and editing transcriptions of historical manuscripts.

How it works

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How it works


You can upload your transcription by pasting it into the editor. Formatting from your text files will be preserved. You can also directly transcribe in the editor. Additionally, you can enrich your transcription with a variety of metadata.


Uploaded transcriptions can be found in several ways: You can either click Collection to browse the database by institutions, source types or scribes and navigate to the respective transcription. Or you can use our full-text search.


You can edit your own transcriptions as well as those of others. The same applies to most metadata. The version history shows the corresponding changes. Older versions can be restored by the transcriptiones team.

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