Frequently Asked Questions

How can I participate?
In order to upload and revise transcriptions, registration is necessary. If you want to publish your transcriptions anonymously, you can indicate this in your user account or when uploading.

I have only transcribed a small part of the source. Can I still upload my transcription?

Yes, all transcriptions are welcome - even if only a section of a source has been edited. When uploading, it is important to indicate as precisely as possible which parts you have already transcribed.

My transcription is not yet perfect. Can I upload it anyway?

Yes, raw versions should also be uploaded. transcriptiones wants to prevent transcription work from being done more than once. There is a possibility that the transcriptions will be revised later by yourself or by other users.

An error has occurred in a transcription or in the associated metadata. What should I do now?

The transcriptions and most of the metadata can be revised by yourself or by other users. The only exceptions are the archive and reference number details, which are used for assigning the transcription to the correct source. If this metadata needs to be changed, please contact the transcriptiones team.

I would like to restore an old version. How can I do that?

transcriptiones offers users the possibility to revise their own and others’ transcriptions. The most recent versions can be viewed in the version history. It is not possible to restore an old version yourself. Should this be necessary, please contact the transcriptiones team. If a user does not follow the rules, transcriptiones can block the person in question.

I have problems uploading. Who should I contact?

Information on uploading is available here. If the problem persists, you are welcome to contact the transcriptiones team.

I would like to provide many transcriptions of different reference numbers, but I do not want to upload them individually. What can I do?

We are happy to carry out the uploading of larger transcription collections into the database for you. Please contact the transcriptiones team using the batch upload form.

What happens to my uploaded transcription?

The uploaded transcription is accessible to the public and falls under the CC0 licence, which means that other users can use your transcription freely. Registered or logged-in users can also add to and revise the transcription. The terms of use can be found here.

I would like to be informed when new transcriptions are added to certain reference numbers/memorial institutions/by certain users. How do I do this?

If you are registered and logged in, you can sign up for such regular, automatic notifications in your user profile. Existing subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

Due to my research interest, I would like to propose a new feature to transcriptiones. Can I let you know?

Yes, we are happy to accept input, even if we cannot implement all requests (immediately). Contact the transcriptiones team with your suggestions.